AccuCreteŽ NexGen and AccuCreteŽ Prime

Having successfully operated as a leading concrete subcontractor in the multi-family housing industry since 1980, Accu-Crete has weathered the ups and downs of the real estate market, continuing to provide the consistent high-quality service that its clients have come to expect.

Founded by David Hudgens, who continues as the company's chief executive and visionary, the company has poured foundations and parking structures for more than 350 projects since its inception. Accu-Crete specializes in post-tension, cast-in-place work, whether for slabs-on-grade or for elevated structures. With a strong engineering team upon which it relies, the company believes it adds the greatest value when performing under a design-build arrangement. However, more traditional design-bid-build work constitutes a significant part of the company's projects.

Operating primarily in the Eastern half of the United States, Accu-Crete prides itself on being able to handle projects ranging from the standard to the complex, all with the same level of quality performance. If you are looking for a company to provide you with concrete subcontracting services, we encourage you to contact us.