Industrial floors, loading zones, parking garages and other high
traffic areas are constantly exposed to heavy wear and tear.
Forklifts, vehicles, equipment, foot-traffic, everyday operating
conditions, even spills of chemicals or other substances can
prematurely damage floor surfaces. Slippery surfaces or
damaged floors with uneven areas can also create potential fall
hazards. Repairing or replacing existing floors can be expensive
and create costly operational downtime.

SPI’s elastomeric protective coating solutions provide a tough,
impermeable, seamless barrier that extends the floor’s service
life at a fraction of the replacement cost. These ultra high
-strength, flexible coatings are able to move with substrate
expansion and contraction. They provide a durable surface
that is abrasion resistant and able to withstand repeated power
washing and cleaning. Non-skid or slip resistant surfaces can
also be achieved to help minimize fall or trip hazards. The
fast-set or rapid curing properties of the coating allow for a quick
return to service.